What is Innovation Hacking?

Innovation Hacking is an initiative within TNG Technology Consulting. We develop showcases in hard- and software that demonstrate the value of cutting edge IT technologies since 2013. Our projects and the talks that we write about them have been presented on fairs and conferences all over the world.


Learning by doing, that's our favourite way of learning. Even more so when the doing is fun. So naturally, we created quite a few high tech showcases and demos over the years that are both fun to experience and work on. Check out a selection of our recent projects!


Generating slide decks is boring, let's automate that!

How good could an AI-generated PowerPoint presentation actually be? We tried it and found out: Not too shabby at all.

In the age of digitisation and AI, many tasks in our everyday lives can be automated very easily. But until recently, the everlasting torment of the average white collar, the PowerPoint presentation, had to be painstakingly created and presented by hand. But all of that ends now!

The TNG Innovation Hacking Team presents the PowerPoint Ghostwriter. Give it only the title and it automagically generates a complete slide deck, from headlines to matching images. Even the performance is taken over by artificial intelligence: a realistic deep fake avatar - trained with the knowledge of the entire Internet - takes you through the slides.

Realtime Deepfakes

Always be yourself. Unless you can be Jonas.

Today’s real-time Deepfake technology makes it possible to create indistinguishable doppelgängers of a person and let them participate in video calls.

Since 2019, the TNG Innovation Hacking Team has intensively researched and continuously developed the AI around real-time Deepfakes.

Since its first appearance in 2017, Deepfakes have evolved enormously from an AI gimmick to a powerful tool. Meanwhile different media outlets such as “Leschs Kosmos”, Galileo and other television formats have been using TNG Deepfakes.

Shitposting AI

Why discuss online? There's an AI for that!

Using modern AI approaches such as GPT-2, Tacotron and Conformers, we created fully autonomous robot heads that engage in heated social media discussions, completely taking the human out of the loop.

The TNG Innovation Hacking Team created a prototype of an end-to-end natural language understanding system, employing techniques such as Speech-to-Text (STT), Conditional Text Generation and Text-To-Speech (TTS).

Social media comments have become the predominant medium for public discussion. However, discussions on Facebook, Twitter and Reddit are notorious for their poor debate culture and missing conclusiveness. The obvious solution to this tremendous waste of time is automation of such fruitless discussions using a bot.


We don't only like to make cool stuff, we also love to talk about it! Over the years we've delivered over a dozen different flavours of talks at over a hundred events and conferences. We aim to make our talks a refreshing mix of educational and entertaining tech topics. Check out a selection of our recent conference talks!

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